Photographs that have inspired me

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This picture is taken from the historic 1980 Olympic hockey game between the United States and the Soviet Union. The US were massive underdogs, and lost to the Soviets 10-3 in pre-Olympic play. In the semifinals, they stunned the world with a 4-3 win against the same team.

This picture sticks with me for so many reasons. Going from just the picture, the sense of sheer jubilation gives me chills. Whether it’s the dog pile on the ice or the woman in the stands banging on the glass, you can tell something special had just happened.

Most of all, though, it gives the message that anything is possible. The team gave it their all and did something that many thought was impossible. So for those reasons, this picture has left an impression on me.

Photo credit:
Photo credit:

This photo was taken during the protests in Ferguson, Missouri. This is probably one of the most powerful photos I’ve ever seen. When I originally saw it on news sites, it was haunting. It stuck with me for  a while after, and it still has a similar effect on me.

This one photo can spawn a plethora of conversation topics, but for me, the contrast between the festive decorations and the police in riot gear highlight how different things can be for different groups of people.

Also, the fact that they’re in front of holiday decorations in particular is striking to me. During that time of year, a number of families, including mine, are in a festive mood. We see festive shows and commercials on TV, and we hear happy music that gets us excited for the big holiday. It’s a time for celebration. This, however, doesn’t stop societal problems from occurring. When symbols of these two things appear in one photo, it creates a unique, deep, and uncomfortable feeling. It is for those reasons that this photo will always stick with me.


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