Life-impacting photographs – Thomas Mahrenholz

One picture that has always gotten straight to my emotions every time I see it is the picture of Kevin Ware’s leg injury from the 2013 NCAA basketball tournament.


This is one of those pictures that you cannot really look at, or at least for me anyway, and not want to instantly look away and have the urge to vomit. I can remember watching this game live with four or five friends and seeing the injury happen, along with the multiple instant replays and videos all over social media. Although it was three years ago and NBA basketball player Paul George has suffered a similar injury since, this picture instantly makes me cringe and I can replay the video of his leg snapping every single time.

A second picture that has also really always impacted me every time that I have seen it is this famous picture taken from a concentration camp during the Holocaust.


I can remember when I first began to learn about the Holocaust in elementary school and this being one of the first pictures I ever saw regarding it and I was just instantly so intrigued and confused. Confused because I couldn’t even begin to get it through my head how any human could ever treat another like this. Intrigued because this made me want to continue to learn about what all the Jews had to really go through and why things happened the way they did. Ever since I saw this picture, the Holocaust and its effects has been one of my favorite history events to learn about. Still to this day I get so sad just looking at these men, starved, weak, confused and desperate looking.



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