Impactful photos

Expressing why and how a particular photo has made an impact is difficult. I mean, I looked at the picture, I felt something, but putting that something into words and phrases, on the other hand, isn’t an easy feat by any means.

However, I will try my damnedest to coherently explain two images that impacted me, as a photographer, but more importantly, as a person in general.


As stated in the cutline, the picture above (by Mohammed Sattar) illustrates a single fisherman floating along the Euphrates River.

The image was one of the finalists in the Siena International Photography Awards. Many of the prize-winning pictures involved depictions of adversity and poverty in third world countries.

When I first looked and this photo, I cried.

Its limited cutline information along with its gloomy tone made it easy for me to analyze and interpret, relating it to my own struggle with loneliness.

Perhaps he is not lonely at all. However, the lack of information allows me to explore the realm of possibilities.


This is another photo that has impacted me as a photographer. The lack of color and the subject’s emotions make me feel a way that is hard to put into words.

Young people as subjects always makes me feel something inside. Whether that emotion is happiness, sadness, anger or any other feeling depends on the photo and the subject.

I usually enjoy happy photos children. However, those do not covey every other emotion of which humans are capable.

To recognize this and depict a feeling other than happiness is beautiful to me.




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