Cooking in College | Introduction

Cooking (or learning to cook) while in college is hard. For my fist three years of college, I ignored learning about food, and instead relied on dining halls or takeout. Now, one year from entering true “adulthood”, I see the importance of keeping more than coffee creamer and granola bars stocked in the kitchen.

The next 14 weeks I’ll be documenting what I’ve learned about cooking so far, as well as what I learn along the way. I’ll try new recipes and make the mistakes so you don’t have to. I’ll figure out what basic tools and ingredients you should keep at hand to make simple meals. I’ll also expand my horizons by doing weekly challenges on different ways to prepare food or eat that will hopefully make me more productive.

Of course, I won’t rely on myself alone. Below are links to some experts in cooking, and where I will most likely grab my information.

  1. The Can’t Cook Book: Recipes for the Absolutely Terrified
  2. Mind Over Munch
  3. Simply Recipes
  4. Spoon University
  5. Everyday Food with Sarah Carey

So here’s the start of a cooking blog for the beginner, taught by a beginner.


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