Cleansers for Oily Skin

The first step in applying flawless makeup is having a flawless base. Watch television for five minutes and see three different commercials for different brands promising to clear acne and blackheads. Take a trip to any drugstore or Ulta and read every label for skincare all promising to do the same thing- clear your skin. I want to share what has worked for me, as well as what has not.

To wash my face, I use the Mia1 Clarisonic. I personally feel like using a Clarisonic reaches deep into my pores and thoroughly cleans them out.

Check out this blog post to read another review on the Clarisonic.

I have found two different cleansers that work with my oily skin. The one I use in the morning being Murad. At night, I apply an acne scrub.

What hasn’t worked for me is basically any fruity scented product or one in pretty packaging. The truth about skincare is that it’s supposed to be natural, all of the added artificial colors and scents make my skin break out.



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