Places I would rather be: Introductory

Each story of this topic will feature a different place somewhere around the world/country that I personally would rather be at that time. I feel that this will be an interesting topic for people to read because: 1) People love to get out of their everyday routine and reality. With that being said, I think that me talking about and showing a certain place, either that I’ve visited or not, will make people think about that place and maybe even make themselves wish they were there too.

I have been to a number of pretty cool places with a lot of popular background and activities to do, but with that being said there are tons of places I still have not been to that I would love to visit. I can spark the interests of readers by each week just talking about places I have been and would rather be, what I would be doing, eating, visiting, etc. and hopefully be able to brighten people’s day. Whether it impacts them in wanting to visit that same place, or makes them think of a certain place that they would rather be, I just think it is very helpful way to get through the day a little easier.

Sources to help spark ideas:

yelp (to see the most popular places/restaurants/activities for the places that I have not visited)

Anthony Bourdain





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