My weekend [t]workflow | Blog budget

In this blog I will be discussing my job as a dancer at a local bikini bar. Some of the subtopics I cover are:

  • Sensory ethnography of my experience
  • My own and clients’ objectification
  • Pole dancing and my technique
  • Outsiders’ notions and perceptions of my job
  • How my personality comes into play
  • The complex caused by my line of work
  • What it is like to live the fast life
  • How my job affects my relationships outside the club
  • Coworkers: Passion, Ecstasy, the DJ, etc.
  •  My mom’s reaction when she found out I was a dancer

The sources I will reference include but are not limited to:

  • pole dancing videos
  • documentaries about dancers
  • my coworkers who have been at it for years
  • general dancing videos
  • The lived experience

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