Beauty for Oily, Tan Skin





  1. Moisturizers/cleansers – what to use to cleanse oily skin
  2. Face primers – what product to use to keep foundation from sliding off face throughout the day
  3. Color correcting – which colors to use to cancel out discolorations on the skin and which products are best for excess oil
  4. Powder foundation – which powders have staying power throughout day for less coverage
  5. Liquid foundation – mattifying liquid foundation that when set with a powder give extra coverage and stay on all day
  6. Setting powder – which products are best for setting liquid foundation by drying quickly with staying power
  7. Concealer – when used with a sponge, which concealers dry matte and stay on throughout the day
  8. Liquid bronzer – if using, use before setting foundation high end vs drugstore
  9. Powder bronzer – which products are mattifying to oily skin
  10. Powder blush – flattering colors for tan skin






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