Whether the Weather: Music and Weather! The Best Combination Since Peanut Butter and More Peanut Butter!

One thing I will never forget about my first weather and climate class was that my professor made us analyze music. Crazy, I know it may sound that way, but weather makes quite a few appearances in music. Seasons and storms may grace the pages of music and we may never think twice about it. Since then, I’ve always found it entertaining to watch people listen to music for a second or third time just so they can go back and think about how the song is actually depicting the weather around them. It gives them a new appreciation for music which is something that is priceless.

If you have an extra 42 minutes to spare (AKA: Don’t want to study for finals, or heck, are studying for finals and need some great background music) I share with you Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. It’s a song you may have heard before, but if you haven’t, try and pick out the different themes such as the winter snowstorm, the birds returning for springtime, to the bees buzzing around during the summer. It’s amazing how much you can discover if you realize just how much influence the weather has on music!


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