Whether the Weather: It’s raining sideways!

Let’s talk some storm reports!

Now that we know the difference between a watch and a warning, and what to do when there’s lightning, let’s talk about what happens after the storm a little bit. Once the weather calms down and we can go outside again, people will find damage from storms and report it into the national weather service. That information can give the center a better idea of just how strong the storm was and how they can better prepare for the next time.

On April 27th, tornado warnings popped up all over East Central Illinois. Those warnings also resulted in the National Weather Service receiving several storm reports including tornado reports!

Let’s take a look at this storm’s storm reports.


You’ll notice lots of different colored dots. Each dot represents an individual storm report. The different colors represent just what kind of damage it was. So here in Illinois, we saw 3 tornado reports, 2 wind reports, and 3 hail reports. This map gives a general overview of where all the damage took place, but the NWS releases a lot more information including how strong each report was.

For instance, they say an EF0 tornado touched down briefing around Altamont for a little bit during this storm. Now that may not seem very strong, but any sort of tornado can be extremely dangerous.

It’s always a great idea to stay safe by being indoors during storms!




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