Twitter update

From publishers and authors to critics and librarians

@penguinbpks – Penguin Book’s official twitter is a great place to follow for updates on their latest publications, giveaways, and events.

@tordotcom – TOR has long acted as a pillar for anything fantasy related, and their twitter is no exception. Check TOR for updates on the progress of your favorite series, pictures, and general pop culture tidbits. This twitter focuses largely on news related to the website.

@Longshotauthor – Unfortunately, Jim Butcher is not highly active on Twitter. However, he does occasionally post helpful information for new authors and updates about his ongoing Dresden Files series.

@patrickrothfuss – Patcick Rothfuss is highly active on twitter and utalizes it both as a news outlet and a personal profile. Check often for opinions, advice, and updates.

@brandonsanderson – Sanderson’s personal tweets are largely updates and fan corrospondances. He frequently retweets posts from a range of sources, so this is a great place to go for discovering other works.

@torbooks – Book suggestions and recent additions — keep up to date with all the latest.

@guardianbooks – Interviews, stories, and more. For author updates and general book lovers Guardian is a great one to follow.

@randomhouse – Diverse and intriguing. Keep up to date with articles, information, and the latest random house publications.

@penguinrandom – General pop culture news from TV to books

@jk_Rowling – JK rowling frequently corresponds with fans and other Twitter users. Check frequently for new and interesting information from the Harry Potter universe.

@stephenking – Stephen King speaks his mind from the heart. Anything can happen here!

@georgerrmspeaking – George has some great stuff, but not on Twitter. Largely just a news feed for his blog, check that out if you’re interested!

@nypl – Anything library or learning related. Check for events and programs revolving around the New York library.

@nybooks Articles, book suggestions, and quotes.

@parisreview – Largely a feed for their website, though occasionally some quality correspondence takes place.

@litworks – Event and interview updates, keep up to date with your favorite authors.

@nytimesbooks – Updates, reviews, and book suggestions. NY Times is frequently a great source for news.

@penguinusa – Contests, up and coming authors, and recent publications with a focus on the United States.

@HarperCollins – Articles, events, news, and book suggestions. Check for great book deals!

@twitterbooks – Tweets and news from book lovers around the web. A great aggregated source of news.

@electriclit – Book suggestions, articles, and retweets from around the web.



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