Learning from experience – Kelsey Gibb’s path

When Kelsey Gibbs visited EIU I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know who this person was, or what she had to offer me. What I found, was a helpful account on entering the Journalistic field.

Kelsey’s words stuck with me. The way she presented her journey was inspiring. She made it clear that with hard work and dedication anyone may find themselves a place. What Kelsey said that stuck with me the most was her perseverance. A young reported must learn from every mistake they make. While your critics may be hard, being harder on yourself will always yield the greatest results.

Her words regarding becoming a well rounded reporter were enlightening. As stations want to minimize man hours it’s highly beneficial to know how to operate your own equipment. Often when starting out you will become a one-man team. Your own writer, reporter, cameraman, and editor.

By listening to Kelsey’s advice I hope to become more well rounded improving myself along the way.


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