Interviewing the greats

If I could interview anyone at this point in time it would be Stephen King. While not my favorite all time author King has had an incredibly rich and successful career. He is an individual whom I admire greatly due to his consistency, unique style, willingness to experiment, and amazing work ethic.

Stephen King has become a household name, and with film adaptations galore the merit of his work speaks for itself. The 68 year old King has a generation worth of experience, and in my interview I would seek to explore that.

Some questions I might ask:

What is the best thing you’ve ever written?

If you could go back, would you change anything?

What advice would you give to young authors?

What’s the most imporatnt lesson you have learned?

What’s the biggest mistake you made?

What’s the greatest moment of your career?

As you’re growing older, do you see yourself slowing down? What does the future hold?


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