Game of Thrones season 6 released- who’s story is it anyway?

Well, it’s finally happened. We all knew this day would come. We didn’t want it to, but there’s no stopping it now.

With the release of Game of Thrones season 6 the popular TV show has finally surpassed the books in terms of plot progress. Previously, George R.R Martin reveled the broad strokes of his story to the show writers. His fear, like that of many of his fans, would be an untimely death. George is, by no means, in peak physical condition. A fact which has lead many fans to frequently denounce his lifestyle and urge him to write more.

However, now that the show has overtaken the books I’m left with an unsettling question. Who’s story is this? Can Game of Thrones really be called GRRM’s story when he is no longer the one telling it. Today, it appears that the show will finish long long before the final installment of this epic series reaches print.

While the two versions vary, that fact only troubles me more. As the show reaches its conclusion it will always be viewed as the first, and perhaps the “correct version”. Will Martin be able to retain creative integrity in light of these developments? And will his fans stay loyal to the original writer? Only time will tell.


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