Whether the Weather: Breaking out the 90’s

I think most people have a fond memory of middle school science class when their teacher rolled in that giant tv on that sketchy cart that could very well tip over at any second. Those were the days that everyone loved because it usually meant there was going to be a video, and if you’re anything like me, there was nothing better than those cheesy science videos that came on VHS tapes. (Can I get a BILL! BILL! BILL!) Well consider this blog post me rolling in that big tv and shoving a VHS tape into the tape deck because we’re about to learn about some weather…from a video that’s super old.

The great thing about this video though is that it has a lot of great information about weather and climate and explains the two, which is something people have a lot of problems with understanding for some reason.

So kick back, relax, put your cell phones away, and for Pete’s sake stop talking, (insert any other phrases your middle school science teacher’s might have used here) and enjoy the show.


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