Updated On Platforming games

Hey, Fans I know I haven’t updated much lately on any new news with platforming games but I defiantly have some new news today. Today I am going to talk more about the upcoming platformer Yooka-Laylee. The game was first announced when it was said to be a lot like Banjo Kazooie however it wasn’t being released by any big company and had to be kick started and get donations in order to be made. It only lasted nearly a day before it got the funding it needed and it’s going to be released on all consoles with an October 2016 release date. The game was originally going to be a sequel to Banjo Kazooie however due to Banjo Kazooie only being owned by Microsoft they implemented ideas of what they would of done into Yooka-Laylee as well as they have the same development team from the first two Banjo games as the designers behind it.


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