Interview with Zuhayr

Last week, I sat down with an EIU freshman named Zuhayr Islam. I chose him as my person of interest because he is an exchange student from Bangladesh. He is also pledging the fraternity I am in and has spent time for school out in London. I asked him how he is liking his time here in America. He responded with ” America is very cool. The people here are very friendly. There is so much to do and places I want to see.”

I asked Zuhayr a follow of question along the lines of where in America he intends to visit. ” I would like to go to Florida one day,” he said.

I asked Zuhayr about his extracurricular life. He mentions that joining a fraternity has been a fun experience.”All of the guys that I have met have been very friendly. They like to play sports like I do, and are very social,” he says. I asked him if he had any goals for his future here at EIU. “I intend on trying out for the soccer team next year,” he says.

I thought the interview went well and that I asked some good questions.


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