If I had the opportunity to interview one person in my field that I’m interested in it would have to be Kanye West. Kanye West has set a lot of trends that have stuck and helped set the president for what we know as Hip-Hop or Rap today. He started as a producer for Jay-Z and cultivated his own sound until it was good enough to stand alone to spark his solo career.

I would ask him which part of the music was more important today the production quality or the actual lyrics and has this changed since when he first started out. I would ask this because the way music has turned today the producers are just as famed and well known as the actual artist like Metro Boomin and Lex Lugar.

I would ask him what the biggest difficulty he has come across as an artist is and how he grew from having to deal with that because I feel it is important for others that are enduring their own struggle to hear this.

Other than these I would finally ask him what type of impact the Hip-Hop world has on other forms of art such as fashion, actual physical art and etc.


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