If I could, I want to interview Pope Francis

If I could get a chance, the person I want to interview will be Pope Francis.

As a pagan, I do know lots of knowledge and custom of different religions, but I never felt the power of believe from religion. Pope as the people who closest to the God, at least as the people who have the wisdom being qualified that position, I have a lot of questions related to the God to ask.

In believer or non-believer’s eye, the opinion about does god exist is different. Although that is the most sensitive question that a pope could answer in public, I still want to ask him about that question: “why god has godhood, how to define the godhood.”

To prepare for the interview, first I need a person to contact with because the Pope will not answer my phone privately. The meeting do not need very long, about 15 minutes will be awesome. I want those people who is not a believer know more about the God, and make those believer insist their believes.

I will have sharp questions like:

How does the God created or born, what kind of existence is he/she?

How do you identified a person is God-loving people or God-fearning?

He is caring about us or not? Why the God, as different existence, will love people?

How do you think of other Gods in different religions? As the leader of the religion believe there is only one God?

Those questions are not using for please the public, but most of my personal interest, if I could I wish it is not an interview but a private conversation as a friend so I can ask more question and he does not have to consider his public image. I don’t want to make the interview looks like an advertise of Catholicism. But a wise person’s idea about religion. That is a contradictory issue because I know in his position he will never answer those questions in the way I wanted.


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