Kelsey Gibbs takeaway

I think what I took away from my meeting with Kelsey is that you must continue to push for your goals and learn to be comfortable with the word ‘No.’ I remember her saying that she had almost no experience documented, but she had determination on her side. I think forming tough skin is something that I really need to do because what I hear and go through today is probably nothing compared to being in the real world with older journalist. Also I took away to capture humanity. I think that was one of the things that she pushed throughout her speech, is people like to see other people in human-like situations. She also talked about some of the things that she had done wrong when she first started, and I think she did that to allow students to relate to her and to show that no one person is absolutely perfect. I think the biggest takeaway is to know who I am as a person and to let that follow me in my career. If I know who I am, no one can tell me different or make me feel less than who I know that I have become.


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