Interview with Oprah

The person that I would interview under my beat would be Oprah. She has done a lot of inspirational shows and even interviews, so it would be nice to have the shoe on the other foot. I  don’t know how I would prepare for a interview with Oprah because she is the master of interviews. But I think that I would really need to settle down and find my happy place. I would need to focus on what I’m saying and just do it. I think I would need to know all about Oprah in order to interview her because she has sat down and talked to countless people so it would definitely be amateur hour for me. I honestly think that I would need to look at some of her interviews instead of looking at people who interviewed her. I think really being able to sit down and talk to a fellow journalist would be a hard task because they know what to say, but it would also be doable. I think setting is everything, so where I would interview her would be different. I would interview her in a place that is out of the ordinary, and that alone could make my interview stand out from others.


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