Whether the Weather – Kelsey Gibbs

Photo Credit: Kelsey Gibbs Bio

As someone who is looking to go into the field of journalism, Kelsey Gibbs offers some extremely useful insights as to what my future could look like.

Reporting is often the starting point for many entry on-air talents, and it’s definitely not easy. Gibbs said that one of the hardest parts about reporting is finding the real people that are affected by the story. Anyone can do a report about a press release or press conference, but when you find the real people affected by the story, that’s when you have a great story.

Gibbs also said that learning the ropes was also hard for her. Thankfully I’ve been lucky to work at WEIU for several years now, and I feel far more confident about going into the job market having at least a stronger grasps on writing, editing, and nat sound than some. These skills are just the building blocks for a successful career.

The future is scary. The unknown is always terrifying, but hearing reassuring words from someone who has gone through the same sort of thoughts as I’m going through, it’s given me a new outlook on my future.


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