Kelsey Gibbs

When first listening to Kelsey Gibbs talk about her professional journey I was uninterested simply because I don’t want to pursue a career in broadcasting. I could never picture myself getting up in front of a camera to discuss the news that I currently write about. I also could never imagine hearing my voice on the television for any reason at all. However, she hit a personal significance when she said that she changed her major last minute and had zero experience because of it. I went through my entire college career as a psychology major and suddenly my senior year had the bright idea of picking up journalism as my major. I noticed that every one had far more experience and knowledge than I did. I felt like the underdog and like there was no chance of me being able to compete with these people for internships or down the road jobs. Listening to her and knowing that sometimes places will see your work ethic as more important than your lack of experience gave me a new found interest in journalism again. Though I never lost interest completely my hopes were low about being able to really go anywhere with it, having to stay in school longer than all my friends would, and the obstacles I would have to overcome to even catch up let alone surpass every one else. She started out behind every one else, ended up getting the PAR internship and then that followed up with a job at WCIA where she now seems to be doing really well for herself while still learning along the way.


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