If I was able to interview anyone I would interview Gregg Mayles the reason for this is he has been the head designer of a lot of my favorite video games and is the head designer for the video game company Rare. a lot of his success came from video games that received praise amongst fans and critics.

If I interviewed him I would ask questions such as how he came up with the ideas for some of the projects he has created, I would also ask if he has any upcoming projects that he’s working on and what he feels what his most personal successful game he has made so far. during the interview I would bring up the games of his I have played and tell him why I praise them and how much I enjoy them and where all his imagination for characters, levels, challenges, and cut scenes. I would end the interview by acknowledging what a great designer and creator he is for the games he’s  worked on and would hope to speak to him down the line and further in his career.


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