“If I Could” Interview

In class we were asked to pick someone that we would interview if we could. After following fitness accounts and getting to know the faces of some of the girls I would pick Ashley Ruth for my interview. She is women who works out and has a fitness page on Instagram. However, she doesn’t only work out she also has a masters in education administrations, a boyfriend, and two dogs. This makes me want to interview her over other people because she makes fitness a priority even though she is busy living her life outside of fitness as well. Many people like to use the excuse that they are too busy to workout and care for themselves and Ashley Ruth single handedly defeats that excuse.

How I would Prepare:

I would prepare for the interview with her by maybe getting her other social media accounts and trying to pull some research or information from those. I could also interview people who are close to her beforehand such as her boyfriend who lives with her or any friends and family.

What I would need to know in advance:

It’s always good to know the basic details about a person and any other basic details that go into your questions. You’re not going to want to ask someone a question that is already widely known. Though she is not a “famous” person she still has a lot of followers and is known on twitter/Instagram therefore asking her anything that she has already posted on those media outlets would seem like I don’t actually know about her or am interested in her as a topic.

Questions I might ask:

Since my angle has to do with the fact that she lives a busy life and still finds time to make working out a priority and getting in good workouts that give her results I would stick to questions that go along with that.

When did you begin getting big into working out?

How do you make time for your boyfriend, dogs, and your job?

How did you balance working out while you were going to school full-time before you graduated?

Does it help to fit working out into your day to have a significant other who also devotes part of their day to working out as well?

What time, most days, do you work out to fit it into your busy schedule?

What is some advice you would give others who use time as an excuse for not working out and staying healthy?

How would my interview be different:

To make my interview different I’d probably interview her while we do a workout together because if I got to work out with her I’d probably 1. like that better than interviewing her anyways and 2. she’s become more comfortable with me the longer we worked out and therefore become more open and detailed in her answers to any of the questions I may have.


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