“Here”the music video

After days if thinking, I chose the song “Here” by Alessia Cara. I like this song for a lot of reasons, one being that I can relate to it. I also think that it would make for a great video. I want my video to start off at Pemberton, and then somewhere in the middle, in the red room in Doudna. I think that those two places will kind of fit my vision for the video. I kind of have an idea of who I am going to use as my singer, so the only thing left to do is to execute my idea. I really like the song, and its message and I think the video will come out great.

I think that having the person lip-sync will be hard, but will really add to the video. The song is about a girl who is at a party, but does not fit in because she doesn’t like to party. Throughout the song she asks herself why she is there and describes all the things and people around her that ensure her that partying is not her thing.


Shot List:

1 Close up, bottom half of singer                         14 Full body shot of singer laying on ground

2 Close up, torso of singer                                      15 wide shot, back of singer walking

3 Close up, face shot                                                 16 medium shot of singer on a bench

4 Close up, profile of singer                                  17 wide shot of singer far away

5 Close up, the head of singer disappears

6 Medium shot, waist and up of singer

7 Transition

8 Wide shot, red room in Doudna

9 Medium shot, neck down of singer

10 Wide shot, spinning around in the red room

11 Close up of singer

12 Wide shot, singer along with other people

13 Profile shot


















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