Whether the Weather: Yet Another Non-Weather Related Item

For those who know me well, know that I’m a hardcore Adele fan. While others may be jamming out to the latest rock song, or singing along with the coolest new boy band on the radio, when I get in the car and Adele comes on, you can bet your money that I’m singing louder than I probably should be in the middle of traffic. That’s why as soon as I heard we were going to have to make a music video, I immediately knew my song selection pool was probably going to be hard. Adele recently released a new album, which means there aren’t many music videos of these new songs just yet. That’s when I knew exactly which one I wanted to do: When We Were Young.

If you haven’t heard it, stop what you’re doing and listen to it. That’s all I’m going to say about it.

For my story line I’m going with a love over time theme. We see the main character grow up over time and how their love has progressed. Strategic lighting choices will be made when it comes to the line “let me photograph you in this light.” I also want to incorporate photos of the character growing up overtime and reminiscing over all the wonderful times they had together.

I will admit, I did get a little ambitious when it came to this and some of my shots are a little unreasonable, which means it will either be back to the drawing board, or pick a different song. So I guess I’ll see where that takes me in the coming days.

If you’d like, here’s  part of my storyboard for you to realize just how awful an artist I am.


Shot List:

  1. Medium Shot of main character
  2. Wider Shot of main character with background characters
  3. Medium Shot of hands reaching together
  4. Wide Shot of main character holding another person’s hand
  5. Medium Shot of main character with flashes going off from in front of them.
  6. Medium/Close Shot of photos on a table and other locations
  7. Close Shot of main character holding hands with someone
  8. Wide Shot of water/ocean
  9. Wide Shot of main character in a forest with light
  10. Medium Shot of main character waving
  11. Medium Shot of younger character waving

Prop List:



Interior of a darker room

Various outside locations (a residential neighborhood)

Water scenes at Lake Charleston or Green Screen

Forest with trees that let in light


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