Screw U

arkus.jpgObviously, I am not going to pick a boring song or even a song that is commonly known. I know this because the song I picked has 3,361 views on YouTube and has 34 likes on it.


It is called “Screw U” by Throwing Toasters, and is all about a guy who has interactions with a grocery store manager, a bank manager and his roommate. These are negative interactions hence the song title. ttoasters2

“I go down to the grocery store & I walk right in and throw the food on the floor,

And the store manger comes up to me, and he says “I’m sorry son you’re gonna have to leave”

And I said “Screw U Mr. Store Manager!” ”



  1. Parking lot of Walmart, opening scene.
  2. My buddy Kyle walks into the store
  3. He throws food on the floor and has an altercation with the manager
  4. Kyle walks out of the store sad
  5. Go to the bank and kale pulls his pants down
  6. Another altercation with the bank manager
  7. Kyle leaves the bank sad
  8. Kyle gets out of bed and goes next to his roommate
  9. His roommate yells at him and he is sad

People, location,  props,

  • Kyle, Jake
  • Walmart, bank, my apartment
  • Camera, clothing, food, bedroom

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