Music Video

aj (1)

so i will be creating a music video for my multimedia journalism class. i will be using the song Piano Man by Billy Joel and will be filming different scenes that will go along with the lyrics to the song. each scene i will film will take a certain part of the song and give a representation to how my music video will go. i choose the song because i enjoy it very much and i know i can make a good music video out of it because of how descriptive the lyrics are and they will be easier to create.


Locations, Props, People

  1. props- Piano, Cups, clock,
  2. locations- bar,house
  3. people- friends, one playing piano, 5-7 being extras


  1. CU- of a clock
  2. MS-people walking into a bar
  3. WS-of an old man upset and drinking
  4. CU- of hands playing the piano
  5. WS of two guys sitting and drinking while talking
  6. CU-of the same man from before playing piano
  7. MS- of a bartender giving away a free drink to a friend while telling a joke
  8. CU-of two guys talking
  9. MS-of same guy playing piano
  10. WS-of a bunch of people in a bar
  11. WS-of the same guy playing piano

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