Music Video: 30 hours

My music video will be set to the song 30 Hours by Kanye West off of his new album “The Life Of Pablo”. The song is mostly about a long drive to see someone that meant something special to the artist so a lot of my scenes will take place in or outside of a car. The video won’t really use a lot of lip sinking but it will include some depiction of the actual events being describe although other parts will be abstract.

There will be a lot of landscape shots as to capture the vibe of the actual song.



  • WS-Car driving on back roads during daylight
  • CS-Driver focused on driving
  • WS- Car driving on road at night
  • WS-Surrounding landscape, trees, pond, houses
  • CS-Person in Gym working out
  • CS- Person cooking
  • WS- Person leaving bar


  • Frying pan
  • Car
  • weights
  • eggs
  • beer bottle
  • phone


  • Recreation Center
  • Back roads
  • apartment
  • charleston


  • 2 characters

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