Pictures with Emotion



I was young when I first saw this photo of singer Billie Holiday. My mother probably explained to me who she was at that time and then I thought it was just a pretty picture. While looking at it now I see a lot of expression and soul coming from it. She looks passionate in the picture and like she is singing a beautiful note and I think that along with the prettiness of the picture draws me in. Something that makes it even more appealing is that it is in black and white. It gives the photo a aged look.



I first came across this picture while doing a project. I was assigned to look at a photographer and critique their work. Sadness is the first emotion I felt because of the child holding a gun to his head. It is such a powerful picture and even with all of the pain it is beautiful. The colors in the picture pop out in such a way that the picture is appealing even though it is hurt wrenching.



I knew at first glance that whatever King was saying, it left an impact. I think for a photographer to capture that is brilliant. Everything around him is slightly out of focus almost so that the viewer won’t get distracted, in hopes of keeping their attention on the subject. I don’t know if power counts as a emotion, but that oozes from this picture.


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