Friendship goals? Some people tweet about them

For the past week I have looked at different accounts on twitter regarding friendships and having a life in college. Having a healthy friendship starts with the person, so you have to examine yourself to be able to be a good friend. These tweets come from friendship pages and pages associated with everyday college life.

I found that @TheFriendships uses different stories to tackle the topic of friendships. They screenshot people’s stories about friendship and tweet them. They are typically the epitome of the term “Friendship goals.”

Another example of them sharing the stories they find is:

I notice that this account tweets every couple of days and has countless examples like the one above.

If you are looking to better your college life so that you are almost stress free and can have time to actually be a friend, then these motivational quotes from the account@goodvibesrfree  can get you through your day.



And here would be another example:


I found that this account also doesn’t tweet every day, but they have a lot of followers and it seems like they tweet nice quotes.






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