Twitter Follows Announcement

After followed those 20 people or organizations on Twitter, it is time to do some research and analysis.

The people I interested most are always based on my personal interest. I play Hearthstone every day so those people related will be my first option to follow.

@Trump is one of the most famous Hearthstone live anchor in Twitch. Based on this Twitch platform’s connection. He has a lot of communicate with other live anchor such as @Jason Chan, who is known as the name “Amaz.” Both of these people has very regular tweet publish everyday. They keep at least one post per day, and will post more if their platform “Twitch” have some events of gaming or competition.

Both of Trump and Jason Chan has about 100,000 followers. Until 22:31 p.m. Feb. 17, 2016, Trump has 3,468 post and Jason Chan has 3,926 post. In their most recent 20 post, about 20 percent is Retweet each other’s tweet. Shows a close partnership between them not only the gamer aspect but also the advertise aspect.

@Eloise is one of my favorite live anchor, she was a former streamer in Chinese largest game streaming platform “Douyu TV.” And she was the first popular live anchor decided to stream in a global platform. Right now she has 28,743 followers. Compare to those two guys she is more active in social media platform. She usually keeps 3 post per day with a lot of Retweet, there is no specific time to find when she joined twitter, but in my knowledge she must started within one year. She already has 1301 post, that means she is active in advertising herself and want to make some good connections to develop successfully in a oversea environment.

@Twitch has 3,283,634 followers. To my surprise, that Twitter account does not seems that active as it should be. As a official account for a famous website, the content are always very official and boring. Usually simple advertising. Twitch does not have a lot of Retweet but usually publish original content. Compare with @AzubuTV, another streaming platform, these official account are mostly the same. Official content, publish things with event, barely Retweet other’s post, even they do so it must relevant with their platform.


@IGN is another specific example. It has 3.84 millions followers. As one of the most credible gaming news resources, IGN’s frequency of publish new post is extremely high, at least every 30 minutes they will post some new things. In IGN’s post, links shows up more often to make people get further information. And IGN never Retweet other information sources from other platform or website. That makes it credible and solvency. @GameSpot is basically same with IGN, but a little difference is GameSpot will Retweet other people’s post, but only limited in their video producer.


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