Twitter Followers

Hey there fitness readers! In a previous blog I wrote about the twitter account I set up to help with the fitness information I’ll be sharing with you. If you’re interested in checking them out here is some information on them they may be useful!

Looking for responses and answers?

Links to helpful fitness videos?

Inspiration quotes and sayings to get you through the day?

Steady tweets to follow throughout the day!

Yummy food to keep you on track?

Here’s my top 3 fav that I follow!

@EmFitMTV has askEm youtube videos where she will reply to questions from her followers! You can also find how to videos on her Instagram for some helpful workouts! She tweets just about every day keeping in constant contact with her fans/followers!

@TheFitGoals is a twitter account that posts a variety of helpful tweets multiple times a day! There have been pictures of new workout clothes that are comfortable to wear during your workouts! Videos of fit girls found throughout the web teaching short tutorials and how to’s for some helpful workouts. If you’re feeling like eating something you know you’ll regret later you can surely find a photo of inspiration abs or words!

@NiaShanks is another blogger who talks about things from the hardships that come from trying to stay on track all the way to things like how really good cupcakes taste. She is inspiration and really helps you get through your fitness journey. On her twitter you can find links to her blogs and always a reply with encouragement if you tweet at her!


Check out my twitter later this weekend for videos of my roomie doing some legs and abs!


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