Did you watch the Superbowl 50? In the biggest game of the year on everyone’s calendar, the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers 24-10.

The game was the least entertaining Super Bowl in recent years. The game seemed to be so slow and boring. This was the first year where I was more interested in the commercials than the actual game; and the commercials weren’t even that good.

But besides this years lackluster Superbowl, it had me thinking about some of the Superbowl’s in recent years. Some of the most exciting games ever have been played in the most recent years.

Last year, in Superbowl 49, the New England Patriots took on the Seattle Seahawks. The game came down to really one crucial play that could have changed the outcome. Marshawn Lynch did not get to the run the ball in for a touchdown, instead, the Seahawks decided to pass the ball and the pass was intercepted. This was a veery exciting play to end the Super Bowl. Watch it here.





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