Whether the Weather: Take A Look At These Tweets

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I’m sure you are all following every single weather source there is on twitter, so this post will probably be a bit redundant. (It will also probably contain at least one more sarcastic statement in order to keep your interest peaked as well, but no guarantees.)

@NOAA has a wrap up of weather events around the globe! You can even learn about the extent of ice sheets in the poles!

Remember the Polar Vortex and how everyone was freaking out about it? Well, @NWS has a great article explaining the Polar Vortex, so you’ll know exactly what it means when you hear the term. You may be able to teach someone else about it when they use it wrong.

And finally, @JesseWalker and @JCFultz have some great news when it comes to this weekend’s forecast! Here’s a look at the Jetstream over the next few days. (If you’re not sure what the Jetstream is, or what it means, be sure to read THIS. I give a short explainer as to what it is, and what it means.)


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