Three Photos

Feature Image Credit: NetNZ


Credit: CBS

This photo was taken after the May 22, 2011 tornado in Joplin, Missouri. This photo is such a great representation of the grief and damage that happened that day. The composition is just perfect with the damaged ‘Dead End’ sign and the debris and destruction behind it really reinforces the point. The community felt like they had become a dead end and this photo encompasses those feelings. It just breaks your heart to see an image like this. The sadness you feel by looking at this image is probably only a tenth of the sadness the people who endured this tragic event felt, and that’s just heart breaking.


Credit: Image From UNC Library

This photo was actually the cover image on my 7th grade history textbook. When I first saw it, I really wasn’t touched by it. I think that was just my younger self that didn’t realize the impact of such an event on history. I remember the second time I saw it was in a documentary about the Dust Bowl and it all made sense. There’s so much sadness and contemplation going on in this photo. It makes you really wonder exactly what she’s thinking. It also brings up a lot of questions. How is she going to feed her kids? Why aren’t the children facing forward? This photo is just beautiful because of the human emotion it captures, but I think was really sells it for me is the fact that the children aren’t facing forward, yet the mother continues to look forward. It has a great rule of thirds considering it has their faces in the upper third.


Credit: St. Louis Post Dispatch

I really like this photo of the St. Louis arch nearing completion in 1965. I think what draws me to this photo so much is that it’s a national symbol that doesn’t look like how we see it today. The incomplete nature of it combined with the beautiful framing makes it very interesting. Looking at this image, I can’t help but feel the same excitement the people must have felt when they saw it nearing completion. My grandfather worked on the arch construction for a short time and he told me a little about his time there. I remember how he talked about all the work that went into the monument. He was excited just to relieve the moment again, and I think that’s another reason why I feel so excited when I see this image.


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