Those photos with emotions


Liu Xiang, a retired Chinese 100 meter hurdler, in his last game. All  Chinese people wish him to create miracle again, but his illness made him quit, those honor and applause were not helping him anymore but made his leg heavier. Although there is no direct facial expression in the picture, but audience’s reaction and Liu’s position made a great contrast. When I saw this photo I feel sorry. When a person carried a nation’ hope, he already carried too much. His name’s meaning is “fly.” But the higher you fly, more hurt when you fall. He can not running with freedom anymore. Just like every great athlete in history,  the more lover, the more hater. What they need to do is moving on.


This picture doing a excellent job to catch people’s emotion. The lady’s eye expression to Obama makes me believe the picture’s content is expandable. This photo used a big aperture to focus more light on lady’s face, also the hand from another supporter. As we can see lots of Obama’s supporter are black people, this picture being so close with a white female could have some sense of politics that Obama’s attractive is beyond the race.


(Senator Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia join his wife, Michelle, at a campaign rally in Springfield, Mo.)

Large aperture caused shallow depth of field, focus on the middle part of the picture layering the photo as blur-sharp-blur, that made the picture more stereoscopic. The running body language and smiling facial expression of Obama’s kids make the picture vivid. Without the capture the leg in the picture still can easily recognize as Michelle Obama’s leg, that also gives a theme of family and more human interest as a family’s moment in a big nationwide political stage.


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