Powerful Images

Photo by: Jeff Widener, Associated Press

Above is the famously known photo called, “Tank Man.” This is striking photo that happened at Tienanmen Square in 1989. What makes this image so appealing is the idea behind it and the mystery it holds.

The man who was courage enough to stand in front of the communist government is still unknown to this day. He disappeared in the crowd shortly after climbing on the tank and holding his pwn protest. It was unheard of to go against the Chinese government and technically still is in this day and age.


Michael Appleton, New York Times

I did not pick this next photo to celebrate or remind you of how great of a country the United States is. I picked it because represents just a small margin of heroes our country has to offer each and every day. These men fought the good fight on 9/11. They were not sure if they’ed return after saving lives on that day. This picture is a sigh of relief mixed with suitable pleasure for these men especially.

10. A dog named “Leao” sits for a second consecutive day at the grave of her owner, who died in the disastrous landslides near Rio de Janiero in 2011.

Photo by: Unknown

Lastly, above you’ll see a dog in Rio who is sitting by the grave of her owner who was killed by a landslides in 2011. This was the second day she sat at the grave. I feel that even a  pet knows when something is not right. Safe to say she misses her owner and is in a state of confusion. Cherish everyone and everyday.

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