3 pictures


this photo i used because in the picture a bunch of people are waiting outside gamestop for a midnight release of a game or game system. this picture means something to me because i have been in this situation before where i waited outside of gamestop when i got my Xbox One. i waited for nearly two hours almost and even though the wait wasn’t fun it was worth it for waiting for what i wanted. Since i have only waited in a line like this once in my life for something looking at this picture brings back the memory of what an awesome night it was when i got it.


this picture is of Wrigley field and the point of it is the 2015 season for the Chicago Cubs (the best baseball team ever). this picture means something to me because i have been a Chicago Cubs fan since i was little and have always supported the Cubs through their bad seasons. but in 2015 they almost made it to the world series and had a huge improvement from their last seasons. i got very excited when they were winning games in streaks. But then they lost to the New York Mets in October 2015 and ended their chances of making to the world series.


This picture represents a fraternity bid which i saw my friend get before i came to eastern and from how excited and happy he was to get it it made me rush a fraternity and give it a chance and when i got my bid it brought to me alot of happiness and excitement as well because i felt like i was accomplishing something great like how my friend felt when he got his. Since then i am very happy and glad with the choice i made just from seeing the photo.


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