3 Photos

The picture below is the only recorded photo of Wilt Chamberlain’s 100 point game. I remember my uncle had a framed version of this same photo in his basement and we watched the documentary Wilt 100 on Wilt Chamberlain together. At the time this game was very far out and not much hype had been built for it so only a few beat reporters were even there to witness it.I like that Wilt Chamberlain doesn’t seem to be too amazed even though he just had the best game in basketball history.


This is a photo from the Kanye West’s Yeezus concert in Chicago, Illinois. I attended this concert and i remember that  it was a great performance. The entire United Center was rigged with fireworks and visual aids for the performance and the stage was even transformed into a mountain. In the picture the fiery moon in the background is a 15 foot or so screen projecting images.   I like the colors at play in both the performance and photo.



The photo below is of Derrick Rose directly after he hit the playoff game winning 3- pointer against the Cavaliers  to even up the series . This is a significant picture because I still remember watching this live and losing my mind. Derrick shot a miracle shot with no time left in the game and came down with so much confidence he basically walked away before it dropped. I like that you can see the same reaction i had in the faces of the players and fans in the photo. Meanwhile derrick is walking away like he just finished a job.




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