Work hard, play hard(er)

An ideal night of going out on the town in college should be deserved. There is a difference between going out in remembrance vs. going out to forget. Rewarding yourself on a week well done is something everyone should do. This does not always require you to drink though…

As Hailey Miller writes at the Huffington Post College Blog, it’s possible to have fun and not get drunk.


Event 1: Pre-game, as the kids say.

While my friend sipped on a vodka cranberry, I distracted myself with Teen Momreruns and Chipotle. Hey, I knew it was going to be a difficult task, so I called in the big guns.

Event 2: Beer garden

This was the first real test of my ability to resist temptation. I ordered the non-alcoholic half of a Moscow Mule (ginger beer) before joining the party. When people asked what I was drinking, I hesitantly told them. After I explained why, the usual response was some form of, “Oh, cool. Good for you.”

Two ginger beers, one O’Douls and a few hours later, I had successfully enjoyed my first party without the assistance of alcohol.

Event 3: Dinner and a movie

Okay, not drinking during a movie is admittedly routine. But passing up a glass of wine at dinner? Borderline blasphemy. I stuck with water, not missing wine at all while I spent the entire meal chatting with my friend about how corrupt Wall Street is and feelin’ the Bern (thanks to The Big Short).

Event 4: House party

By this time, I was a pro. I didn’t even feel the need to carry around a cup or can to mask my sobriety. I mingled with fellow partygoers and dominated (overstatement) the dance floor. The desire to grab a beer crept in from time to time when there was a lull in the conversation, but I had made it this far. After a couple hours, I wrapped up my night feeling pretty good and very not drunk.

How to Party All Day and Not Feel Like Sh*t the Next Morning

*I’ve  tried this once. Let me tell you, for all first timers on the matter, enjoying the whole public party scene while not being inebriated may seem unethical for an experienced drinker. For the occasional drinker, it only gets easier after you wake up one morning and remember making that pizza before you go to bed.

I am not claiming to be a pro nor causal drinker I’m just saying that I do take at least one night off of drinking on the weekends. I work at the Panther Paw usually one-two nights on the weekends. The Paw is a bar that I have been working at since August. I do not drink when I go to work, yet go to a bar scene where people are drinking immense amounts of alcohol until they become attracted to one another.



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