An Easier Hollywood Dream? The upstart streamers.


(The car accident scene, while the accident happened “Bear Jo” was still streaming.)

For most of the people, no one would like to regret a change to become famous. With the rise of gaming industry in recent years. More and more people chose to become a “streamer” of the streaming platform to deliver their audience different kind of entertainment content by video streaming. In China, there is no doubt that the most popular website is “Douyu TV.”

For those professional gamers or normal gamers, streaming platform is a good option to show their gaming life with others. Based on the huge amount of population in China, China has more than 4 hundred millions people using Internet. That means a huge market of streaming platforms, it is not only for gaming, but variety of content. With that kind of situation, there is more change for a normal gamer become to a famous streamer and have his own audience group.

Everything could be a double-edged sword, I never doubt that those people who can be popular have their skills to attract their audience. As a streamer they already succeed. But being famous means more responsibility and duty to show the public a positive image. The example I want to share is definitely a warning to those people already famous but haven’t change their behavior more positively.


(”Bear Jo”, picture from Bear Jo’s personal website.)

Bear Jo” is a famous former streamer of “Douyu TV”. He stream at least eight hours everyday to play “Hearth Stone”, a card game made by Blizzard Inc.. This funny and skillful person attracts at least 100,000 viewers every day to watch him play cards. That is definitely a huge number. He was a ordinary people but become famous real quick, people will follow his blogs, repost what he said, and buy goods what he recommended. He definitely enjoyed the power of affect people. After he streamed for 6 months. He already became a rich person. His content of streaming start to change, not only playing gamers, but also some outdoor activity, such as shopping, cooking or eating. Those behaviors is not harmful at all. But his next step start to cross the border of moral and laws. He streaming while he was driving.


In Dec. 31, 2015, Shanghai Public Security Bureau has made an announcement about this car accident. “Bear Jo” was sentenced criminal detention by the police due to dangerous driving. He wrecked his Nissan GTR with a taxi while streaming drag racing. The taxi passenger was seriously injured, and “Bear Jo” with his two passengers in GTR have different level of scratches.


Right now “Douyu TV” has stopped the contract with “Bear Jo.” And I believe because such a bad influence there will be no more streaming platform hired him. Streaming usually bring people happiness. Hope those streamers, especially famous streamers keep their behavior in standard, do not give audience those bad examples.


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