T’Nerra’s Clips

In this video the camera switches on and off from the psychic to one of the main characters in the movie. When another character is introduced, the viewer can see that there is a bit of tension between the two figures. The way the camera zooms in slowly into their conversation foreshadows that they will have a heated moment. On 1:37, if you pause, they are sitting opposite of one another and are doing a stare down. The colors in the background contrast against the psychic’s white painted face, and darker clothing. It makes her seem spooky as well as the scene she is in. With each emotion shown, the camera person makes sure to zoom in on each them to put emphasis on that emotion. When the woman being told her fortune throws the jar, the camera follows it as well.

I chose this video one because it’s one of my favorite songs and two because it is a cool video. It starts off black and white, giving it a dated feel and every time the person picks up a album, the record is in color. She is putting her own spin to some of the records that were made by other artists. And the records go beyond their covers, and are incorporated into the video. A lot of colors are used in this video, even though it starts off as black and white. Throughout the video, we never get a chance to see the buyer’s face because it is either covered by a record or cut out of the shot.


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