My Videos

This video was made originally to drum up interest in Fantasy Football. In the videos some very familiar NFL faces show you just how “spectacular” you have to be in order to get in the NFL. Interestingly enough the shooting of this video plays well with its purpose, the camera angle is trying to give the viewer a First Person perspective. The camera seems to be following whoever is talking and whatever action is going on. This is also shown through the quick cutting being done by the camera and its constant motion throughout. It gives the viewer the feeling that they are actually with their favorite player for the day.

This is a music video in which the theme is that Andre 3000 is getting married and then has to explain why. As he gives his argument others chime in with advice or compare lifestyles. The camera in this video is kind of controlled by the lyrics. The camera finds examples of what is being referred to in the crowd of the wedding. The camera also focuses on whoever is talking following the theme that everyone is actually just sending Andre 3000 wishes and advice on a wedding video. The camera seems to capture every event happening like only a wedding photographer would.



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