Whether the Weather: A Short Music Break

Photo credit: Wikicommons

Before we take a moment and dive into the wonderful world of weather, why not look at two videos that are near and dear to my heart. One by Adele, and one by Taylor Swift. These might seem like two random videos, but once you watch them, I hope you’re as blown as by the videography as I was when I first watched them.

Adele – Hello

If you’ve never seen this video before, you are really missing out. The videography is incredible. There are tons of interesting close up shots that really help tell the story. There are also tons of rack focuses which can really help redirect your attention from wide establishing shots to more detail oriented close up shots. The two different parts of the story are separated by different camera shadings. The main part is told with a yellowish/faded tint on the camera, while the memory portion of this video has a slight bluish tint. The lighting in the shots with just Adele tends to be lit from behind. There is so many artistic decisions that make the videography so much more enthralling.

Taylor Swift – Wildest Dreams

I know Taylor Swift isn’t everyone’s jam, but you have to admit, who ever makes her music videos does a fantastic job. This video also has a lot of great close up shots that give so much detail to the story. It does a great job at showing who she’s referring to in the song without mentioning a name. The lighting is just incredible with this video too. The lens flares from the evening sun is just incredible and beautiful to watch. There are so many interesting shots done with this, especially the shot of the plane flying over the savanna. There’s a slight yellow shading that indicates the bright happy tone of this part of the song. That shading goes away when the song changes later on. There’s a darker setting for the latter half which really increases the mood for those scenes.


Whether you like them or not, you have to admit these queens of break up songs really do a great job producing music videos full of beautiful shots that really take your breath away.


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