My Two Video Clips

Here are my two video clips:


In the clip Shout from “Animal House” there is a lot going on. The camera angle changes every time Otis says “shout”. The actions are lively from all the people at the party. The focus is one a select few people who claim to play pivotal roles in the movie. The camera does not go down with Otis when he begins to drop at the end of the song. The lighting is fairly dim and gives the audience an accurate perception of the feel for the party. Everyone is having a great time here. No one seems to be standing still and Otis is controlling the room.


This scene from “The Newsroom” is one that has numerous shots from across the discussion. The camera seems to jump across the room whenever the main character is talking. He erupts the room and gets people to ingest his take on the subject. When he begins to have a serious segment toward the end you see the camera start to panel only him from left to right, complimented nicely by some background music.  The zoomed in part of the lady in the crowd holding the sign kind of twists the scene around. When the main character starts to make a point he gets the audiences attention and it almost feels like we are in the audience by watching.


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