T’Nerra’s Blog

Hi my name is T’Nerra and my blogs will be about how a person can strive to have a good relationship with their friends. Often times effective communication is what a friendship needs and every post I will give tips on how to listen or how to give advice. They will also give scenarios and solutions to issues that can come up in a friend ship.
The reason I chose this as a topic is because one of the most important things in life are the relationships that you build around you. I often see people on social media saying how quick they are to stop being friends with someone or how they did not bring in the same group of friends into their new year. I think with daily tips on friendship, this blog could be helpful. I do not think I’m a relationship expert, but I think I give pretty good advice and it is a cool topic. We go through life building relationships with the people we encounter and I hope this blog helps to sustain worthy friendships with tips.
-Make a blog once a week
-give my own experiences and tell how I dealt with a certain situation
-give advice on how to maintain a friendship in college
-Try to put a inspirational quote in most of my blogs
-Give different scenarios that many can relate to
-try to be as open as possible with my blog, telling the good and ugly of friendships in college.
-tell how not to be a horrible friend
-try to be as clear as possible with my blog
-tell stories and try to provide a answer or a solution to the problem



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