Magic and you: a guide to modern fantasy

This semester I’ll be delving into the fantasy genre with a special emphasis on modern works. I’ll be looking to critically and recreational examine works in order to gain a deeper understanding of the genra, and hopefully to elevate it in the eyes of some readers.

Unfortunately, fantasy often has a nrgative stigma given its frequent childlike associations. My hope is that with recent successes, namely Game of Thrones, curiosity will begin to replace revulsion. My goal is to foster that curiosity.

Specific topics I may examine include:

  1. Critical analysis of works which seek to examine literary elements and their effective use
  2. Reviews based on my personal enjoyment of a novel including a rating
  3. Examining popular themes across multiple works
  4. Author spotlights
  5. Close readings of key scenes
  6. Comparing popular books to their movie counterparts
  7. News and author updates
  8. Highlighting popular fan theories exploring and analysing their merit and possible implications
  9. Character spotlights
  10. Explorations of popular fantasy genre specific elements like systems of power and world building




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