Whether the Weather: A Guide to Start Your Weather Following

Photocredit: Pixabay

I’m sure you’re all on twitter by now. Since I’ve hopped on the bandwagon, that probably means everyone and their unborn children already has an account and has been using it for 10 years. Long story short, I’m on twitter, you’re on twitter, we’re all on twitter.

Now I’m covering the weather, which can be an extremely finicky subject, and something that can change on a dime. Something that needs to be updated faster than a blog post might do. If you’re nodding your head, or giving me an “Amen” like I expect you to be doing right now, then you’re probably wondering what the solution is. Well, if you remember my long winded rant about twitter in the paragraph above, then you probably know what the answer is. (It’s twitter in case you’re still wondering.) So now all you need to know is who to follow. That’s simple! I’ve compiled a short list for you.

National Weather Service Accounts:

Put your tax money to good use! Follow the National Weather Service and stay up to date with the best source of weather information there is.











Local broadcast meteorologist are another way you can learn all about the weather going on around you. Here’s a few both from East Central Illinois and Indiana, along with some of my personal favorites.











If you have some strange desire to follow me, do it on twitter (@brianhartman2013) and not in person because that’s stalking and that’s just weird.


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